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101 Ways to Cope with Stress at Work School or Home

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Just in case you haven’t noticed yet. Life is painfully stressful. If you don’t have enough support system that tells you that it’s okay to slow down and give yourself a break. However, that’s not the case in Brett Phillips’ psychology class.

Alina Ramirez, a high school senior in California, one of his students, shared a handout new students received from Mr. Philips titled “101 Ways to Cope with Stress.” It’s a solid list of ways to relieve stress that is useful if you’re aged 5 or 75.

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The list has been going viral on the internet. It’s a wonderful help for students but there are netizens no matter what age would do well to print this list or use it as a wallpaper as a reminder that yes, I can survive stress.

2017-04-21 07_16_33-Teacher Gives Students List of 101 Ways to Cope With Stress - Thrillist

Even if some tips is little weird. Like telling someone to have a nice day in pig latin. There’s no chance that the advice is pulling you towards the wrong direction. Even teaching a kid how to fly a kite.

Read the full list of 101 Ways to Cope with Stress by Mr. Phillips below. Print it Hang it. Make it a wallpaper. Share it.

101 Ways to Cope Stress by Mr Phillips



Read it. Use it. SHARE IT to someone who NEEDS IT. You’re welcome! ^_^

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