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5 Important Travel Must-Haves You Must Never Forget

travel insurance
travel insurance

It’s always exciting to plan for travel. Prepare our things like plane tickets, outfits, and tour itinerary. But sometimes the too much enthusiasm cause us to forget things. When do you plan to go on your next holiday vacation?

5 Important Travel Must-Haves You Must Never Forget


#5 Cheap Sunglasses

Sure. You probably own cool Ray-Ban aviators or Oakleys that you’d like to bring. I suggest not. People are most likely to lose their sunnies during travel and it’s better to pack something more affordable. So if you won’t cry when you lose it.


#4 Power Banks

How many power banks do you own? One? Two? 5? I highly suggest not to forget this important travel must-have. We can never have enough power banks to charge our dying phones due to too much picture taking.



#3 Travel Insurance

We see this all the time. My friends and I are guilty of ignoring travel insurance just to try and save on tickets. Big mistake. HUUUUUUGE. You never know what may happen during your vacation and you’re far away from friends or family *if you’re not with them. Getting a travel insurance will give you a peace of mind. Not piece of mind.



#2 Umbrella

Weird? Not! The weather is probably as moody as your cat. When the sun is blazing hot it can protect you from burning. If rain is drizzling, it can protect you from getting wet. The best way to prevent any type of sickness is avoiding the causes.



#1 First Aid Kit.

Speaking of sickness. If you’re on vacation and suddenly stopped feeling well, having first aid medicines and tools is a must. Make sure you have pain relievers, bandages, and personal hygiene things.

There you have it folks! Never forget these 5 important must-haves during travel.


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