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4 Most Comfortable Sunscreens for Everyday Use (2018)

Hey everyone! It’s time for my yearly round-up of favorite sunscreens to use. As you all know, I’m obsessed with sunscreens (Read More: Why You Should Wear Sunscreen Everyday). I use em up like I chug in water. Lalo na ngayon it’s Back-to-School season na or for those who commute on a daily basis (everyone), lagi na tayong babad sa araw my gad! Save your skin please!

As much as I’d like to stick to one brand, the curious cat in me sometimes stray to try something new. Here are the properties I look for in a sunscreen:

  • Light
  • Non-greasy
  • Comfortable
  • High SPF
  • Having additional skincare benefits is a plus

I hear from some people that they’re afraid to use sunscreen because it can be sticky. Nope! More brands are shifting their focus and formulations. Without further ado, here are my favorites for this year that I’m sure your skin will thank you for!

Comfortable Sunscreens

#1 COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream

Why I love it? It does more than just shield your skin from the sun. It’s mostly made out of aloe and it’s feels so silky to apply. It dries “moist” but in a comforting way. Like my skin feels nourished after applying that I can skip the moisturizer. At 695++ though it’s a bit pricey.

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#2 Belo Tinted Sunscreen

Why I love it? It’s tinted! You can basically skip the moisturizer and makeup. If you’re on-the-go or just play lazy.

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#3 Biore UV Aqua Rich Water Gel

Why I love it? Oh boy! Haha I think I re-purchased this product the most. Like 5 times to be exact? The watery formulation is a joy to apply. It has a cooling effect too! Most of all you get a LOT of product for its worth. So I spread it all over everyday. Which reminds me, to replenish my supply!

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#4 QuickFX Sunblock

Why I love it? IT COMES IN SACHETS! Not only that, this sunscreen’s quality is top notch. It’s got all those skincare benefits + dries matte. So it also works as a makeup base!

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There you have it my lovely lads and ladies! How about you? Do you have any favorite sunscreens?

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