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My 5 Personal Tips for Whiter Underarms – Tried and Tested! (2024)


Good day! While I’m committing to my newfound desire to keep my own skin color dahil ayoko na magpaputi. There’s one area that I prefer to “lighten”. What? Our underarms aka kili-kili! I’m sure almost everyone boys and girls prefer their underarms to look fair and smooth. Whiter underarms. How do we achieve this? I’m sharing my tried and tested personal tips today.

Disclaimer: Again, this is based on preference and personal choice. If you like your underarms dark then I respect your decision. But for us that we want whiter underams, respect us too.

My 5 Personal Tips for Whiter Underarms

#5 Avoid Shaving & Plucking


Hair growth. It’s inevitable. But constant shaving and plucking tends to open up the pores and irritate our underarms. The result? Darker armpits with clogged pores. Que horror! For safer hair removal, I suggest underarm waxing or laser underarm hair removal instead. My favorite place to have waxing is Bare Skin.

#4 Choose Your Deodorant Wisely


I do not want to give bad publicity to deodorants that gave me dark underarms. Okay sige fine! Rexona and Secret! Those are the evil culprits that made my armpits dark. Because when I was young and naive, I didn’t know any better and got swayed by their commercials LOL So I’m sharing with you safe underarm deodorants that helped in lightening.

My Favorite Lightening Deodorants

  • Dove Deodorant (any variant)
  • Nivea Lightening Deo (any variant)
  • Human Heart Nature Deodorant (my favorite!)


#3 Whitening and Bleaching Creams

Did you know that besides using a whitening cream for your face, you can also use it at night to help lighten your underarms? Another tip I can give you, if you want to see results faster. Use my DIY Bleach Recipe. It can be used on any part of your body especially to make your underarms lighter.


#2 Calamansi for Whiter Underarms


Calamansi or Lemon is a potent source of natural acid and vitamin C. I advise you not to use it directly on your skin and dilute it first with 75% water. Soak your cotton ball and apply on your underams at night like a toner. Vitamin C is known to naturally lighten skin. Making this is one of the most natural and cost-effective ways to achieve lighter undarms.



Last but not the least. I’m sure you’re familiar with that magical crystal called TAWAS. Tawas, Alum, or hydrated aluminum potassium sulfate is a popular ingredient in most deodorants and anti-persperants. You can also use it on its own. The mineral is well-known for helping lighten armpits and minimizing bad odor. Use it on its own, or use it as “huling banlaw”. Read my DIY Tawas Water post for more details.


That’s it pancit beautiful boys and girls! I hope you enjoyed this post. I also shared a version of this on my Youtube channel so the knowledge can reach as many people as possible! If you liked this post don’t forget to SHARE it on your FB, TWITTER, or kahit chismis nyo sa friends nyo!


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  • Charm J

    Agree ako sa Rexona at Secret. Yan din culprit sa uneven UA ko. Right now, I use Milcu lang and no more shaving or plucking. Wax na. So far, may improvement na, sana magtuloy-tuloy. ^-^

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