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How to Lighten Dark Underarms Using Lemon or Calamansi


Dark Underarms are quite embarrassing especially when you wear a sleeveless top. The dark discoloration is not usually of a serious medical condition. Exposure to sun rays, chemical based deodorizers, shaving, hair removal creams, dead skin are few reasons for dark underarms.

Though market is filled with chemical based skin lightening creams and gels for dark underarms, it is best try home remedies. Home remedies are not only cost effective but also safe without any side effects. There are many home ingredients that are proven to reduce dark discoloration under arms in which lemons are the most popular and efficient one.

Does Calamansi or Lemon Work For Dark Underarms?

Lemons provide guaranteed results of lightening the discoloration under the arms. Let us see some of the characteristics of lemon that helps to get rid of dark underarms.

  • Lemons have natural bleaching (skin lightening) properties which lighten the dark skin.
  • The anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties exfoliate skin and remove dead skin under arms.
  • The citric acid present in lemons kill bacteria and odor.

How to Use Calamansi or Lemon for Underarms

  • Take a thick slice of lemon.
  • Message in circular motion for 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Let it rest for few minutes and rinse off with normal water.
  • Follow this process daily.

If you find lemons too expensive, you can also go local and use calamansi!

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