ACE Water Spa Hotel and Suites Photos, Review, Rates (PASIG)

Have you ever felt really lethargic on a weekend? As I’m writing this moment I still feel drowsy. I overslept for 3 hours today and I feel like it isn’t enough. Maybe it’s all the stress accumulated throughout the week that our body is compensating for recovery. Last Wednesday, I was thankful to have been invited on a very classy sit-down dinner at Sky Garden Lounge at Ace Water Spa, Pasig

 I’m sure everyone is familiar with ACE water spa. It’s a very popular relaxing spa experience with many different massage pools. I’m a HUGE fan of their water spa because I always have back aches and muscle pains and their herbal spa is divine. Well, enough about the spa, I’ll be posting all about it on a different day. For now, I swill share you my fine dining experience at their Sky Garden Lounge. ACE is not only an indoor pool spa, they also have a hotel and restaurant!
 They are re-launching their Sky Garden Lounge from a buffet breakfast to an additional fine dining restaurant during the evening. Their fine dining experience would compose of 8 unique dishes from appetizer to dessert plus bottomless red wine (whut?!) and all of this for just 1,299PHP. So today, I’ll share with you my experience with them 🙂

What? Sky Garden Fine Dining Dinner
Where? Ace Water Spa
How much? 1,299php/head






Click to enlarge the menu



Garlic Bread with Mushroom Antipasto
Ay nako this is our favorite dish out of everything! The mushroom dip is very savory. Creamy and has an instinct umami taste. It’s basically a mushroom dip with cream topped with oozing mozzarella cheese. It comes with garlic bread. Gosh this one alone can fill you up. Delish!
Shrimp with Curry
The shrimp tastes sweet and fresh just how I like them. The curry they used is green and I could definitely find hints of cilantro and mayonaise.



Mixed Greens and Red Wine Vinaigrette
If you’re a fan of blue cheese, this one is for you. The whole dish tastes and reeks of blue cheese. It’s quite unfortunate because I liked how the red vinaigrette tasted but the blue cheese overpowered everything.



Seafood Consomme
I ordered the seafood consomme because it’s sounded and seemed unique. Well it is. I’m quite adventurous in food and this one is surprisingly nice. It has dried squid and different kinds of mushroom. The soup base could use an improvement because it’s a bit watered down but all in all still okay.


Lime and Aloe Sherbet
This is the first time I ever tried a “palate cleanser” as I only see them in cooking shows over at food network. It’s very refreshing and reminds me so much of skittles.



Pan Grilled Pork Loin with Diced Potatoes
Protein packed main course! The pork loin is nicely seasoned and the sauce that came along with it tastes so much of afritada and close to home. The diced potatoes are served fried and compliments the pork very nicely.



Rib Eye Steak with Mashed Potatoes
 For the steak alone, it would really cost you a lot so having this as your main course is a huge deal already. It was served to use medium rare. The beed nicely seasoned and tender Although I prefer my steaks medium-well.



Molten Lava Cake ala Mode


  • A fine dining experience without breaking your wallet. For the overall experience, 1,299php/head is actually a good deal. *ehem bottomless red wine*
  • It’s a great venue for dates! If you want to make a good impression to your girl, take her here. There’s tons of restaurants out there but nothing beats the experience of having to formally sit-down, have a good conversation, and wine!
  • The food is plenty and you won’t feel deprived. The main course is huge, it’s good enough for 2
  • I’ve always been a silent fan of their food even at their lounge. They really think about how they would present it and of course, the taste.


  • For now, the menu I shared above is the only ones served at the restaurant. It would be great if there’s more variety in their food selection. It’s so people can return over and over to taste new things. Spice it up a little
We capped off our little date by going up to their Sky Bar and having a drink of their Ace Punch (which literally packs a punch!), it gives you a very nice view of the city and is quite romantic.


Ace Water Spa – 550php/adult 250php/childI don’t have photos of their water spa because photography is not allowed for your privacy. It think this is very nice of them since in the day and age of social media where everything can be shared and recording the experience instead of actually experiencing and living it is a priority. Not allowing mobile phones and camera at their spa lets you relax and enjoy more.

We were also given a quick tour on their hotel rooms and it was lovely. Everything was spiffy clean. I was surprised at how affordable their rates are. It ranges from their lowest around 3k to 5k (suite already) and everything is inclusive of a buffet breakfast and entrance to their water spa. You have the option to choose between 1 bed or a 2-bed room, the 2 bed is perfect for families who want to stay the night after a fun water spa day.


Ah I wish I could sleep here







That’s it pansit! Do let me know if you’ve been to ACE. I’d like to hear your experience too.

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