BDJ Box June Unboxing – Toss or Keep?

Today is is another one for BDJ Box Toss or Keep? I myself am tired of seeing the same unboxing where we get to see the same product with description, price, etc. So I decided to make it more personal. I’m going to show you which products I’ll keep, and which products I’ll toss (not really toss, just give it away)

Basically, this month’s box is filled with product samplers from skincare brand Bioderma, in sample sizes. This will probably the last of the sampler size because I read in their facebook accounts that they’re gonna distribute Elite Boxes starting August.


They included one full sized of product which is The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain (595php) so I’m keeping that one because it’s one of my HG’s.  For Bioderma I’m also keeping their SPF100 fluid, pore minimizing cream, eye gel, and anti-acne creams just to try. These are something I’m curious about because you get to see noticeable effects like; Will it work on your acne? 


I only tossed 3 products. The nourishing creams and the toner. I find these products very basic. I feel like they’re not going to make any significant difference on my skin because they’re meant for normal/dry skinned folks. I have normal/combination. I also found the blue packaging boring. You know it’s something you wouldn’t find using because you have your favorites already (Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate)


Over-all I think this is a good box. I kept more items in my Keep Pile which is a good thing. The cheek tint is a sweet bonus too because you get makeup with your skincare. Honestly speaking, this is a better box than last month’s but still not as good as the previous ones that included huge items from Benefit or Heroine Make or Pixy but, that’s just me! 😛 
I’ll sound like a broken record but whatever the contents of the box may be, there’s always something to keep. BDJ curates one of, if not the best beauty subscription boxes out there and you’re gonna miss a lot if you don’t subscribe.

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