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Being Bipolar: Throwback to a Depressive Episode

throwback from depression

Author’s Note: This short sentimental post below was written November 3, 2016 during a depressive episode. I am diagnosed with Bipolar-2 Disorder (See: Being Bipolar). I’m posting this in the hopes of to inspire other people striving with mental illnesses to never give up. While blogging on February 17, 2017  I’m manic.

Everyone puts their best face forward especially on profile photos. Tonight Im switching things up a bit. My previous photo was me, with makeup and a fake smile. This is another side of me.

I am diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder and an advocate of mental illness awareness. Tonight. I am not okay. To be honest Ive been feeling “not okay” for a few weeks now. Mindlessly scrolling social media, while forcing myself to work. I am not sure if tomorrow would be different but here’s what I have to say:

To anyone enduring a depressive episode: it’s ok. You’re not being lazy or selfish. Your productivity doesn’t define or devalue you. You’re coping. You’re doing the best you can, and that’s okay.

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