Can’t Decide What to Get Your Girlfriend for Christmas? Here’s 5 Ideas She’ll Love


I know it’s not the Christmas season yet, but it’s never too early to start thinking about what you’re going to get your girlfriend this upcoming holiday season. The months of November and early December are the mad dash for last minute presents to make your boo happy.

Who wants the stress of last-minute shopping for something you don’t even know if she’ll like?

Luckily, I’m here to talk gift ideas, so you don’t have to wrack your brain coming up with something to match her tastes. Here are five ideas I’m sure your girlfriend will go crazy over.


  1. Jewelry

Let’s start off with a classic: jewelry. Every girl can appreciate a special piece of jewelry picked out for her by her boyfriend. Plus, it gives you a bit of control too, deciding what piece you think would look best on her.

Ever thought your girlfriend would look amazing in a pair of glittery, dangling earrings when she puts her hair up in a bun? Now’s your chance to buy her those earrings and see her flaunt them in front of coworkers, friends, and family.

You can even custom design different pieces, so she has a constant reminder of you to keep with her. It will make her extremely happy to have a necklace that no one else in the world owns.


  1. A Phone Case

Nothing screams dedicated boyfriend more than getting a phone case custom to your girlfriend’s tastes. Who doesn’t want a trendy phone case to show off to all their friends?

Think of all the posts on Instagram of girls taking mirror selfies showing off their cute phone case—Instagram shots that you’ve probably seen your girlfriend like.

There’s a variety of places you can go to get a case she’s going to love, but there’s always the issue of quality. Amazon is a huge hit or miss, having purchased multiple faulty cases from their site myself.

Luckily, on sale at Casely, there are a variety of cases to suit your girlfriend, whatever taste she may have. From cases that look like a marble counter top, to cute flamingo cases, there is an option for every type of girl.


  1. A Watch

Practical and stylish. If your girl is the type who always has a schedule and loves planning, this is the perfect gift to get her. She’s always running around wildly, checking her phone to maintain track of the time, and a watch shows you’ve been paying attention. It shows that you care and want to make her life easier. It’s something she can use daily but also include in her outfit planning.

You can even get her the female version of the watch you love so much, adding a personal touch that she will appreciate. You’ll both have watches that tell you the time and become a symbol of your connection to one another.

  1. A Puppy

Has your girlfriend always hinted at her desire to get an animal? Maybe it’s time to tune in and get her that puppy she’s always been dreaming of. There are tons of local shelters that would love to help you with the adoption process. A rescue animal is a great way to show her your selfless side and give her something to obsess over.

Plus, raising an animal together is a great bonding experience and will bring you two closer.

  1. A New Phone

Going along with the phone case gift mentioned in the second section, gifting your girlfriend a brand-new phone will show her that you are willing to take care of her. Especially if her phone has recently been cracked or damaged, or she’s been raving over the latest iPhone or android. She’ll be extremely happy to open a specially wrapped phone during Christmas.

Whichever of these five ideas you choose to give your girlfriend, just make sure to add a special card telling her how much you love her and are happy to spend the holidays with her.





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