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Cyleina Organic Carrot Soap Review


I missed the cold-pressed brand and grabbed a box of Cyleina Organic Carrot Soap in Watson’s. Something new to try because I was looking for a soap that deep cleanses but not really “whiten” the skin because I’m so over that. When I used to work in Singapore, I remember to always hoard Cyleina Black Pearl Soap in the Philippines for use. There are a lot of soaps abroad but there was something in their black pearl soap that kept me coming back for more. It was the fresh minty after-feel and the deep cleansing it gave. Perfect for the ultra humid weather of Singapore.

Did you know that it’s hotter there than in the Philippines?

Brand Cyleina
Product Organic Carrot Soap
Price 65php
Where to Buy? Watson’s



The soap claims to be made of organic carrot extract with cinammon and pineapple. I remember writing an article about how carrots have natural Vitamin A (retinol) that helps with skin regeneration and slow down the aging process.

Cyleina Organic Carrot Soap is power packed with 3 of nature’s most effective healthy skin enhancers. Carrot extract has a formative effect in stimulating skin cell growth aimed to rejuvenate wrinkled, aged, and dehydrated skin. IT contains Beta-carotene, an anti-oxidant, which improves skin complexion by removing toxic build-up while protecting and repairing sun-damaged skin.

Vitamin A in carrots maintains skin tone and elasticity, leaves your skin firmer and more radiant. Pineapple extract is great for anti-aging skin care. It is very effective in reducing roughness of the skin, dark spots and blemishes. Cinammon increases production of collagen on skin. It has antiseptic properties which help decrease infections on the skin and promote smooth and, younger, and glowing with health skin!





Price 65 php. It’s pretty cheap for an organic cold-pressed soap.

Packaging It comes in a small square box. It’s not hard to miss because it’s with the other Cyleina Soaps in the store’s rack

Texture It easily melts. The soap looks more of oatmeal mixed with tiny pieces of carrot soap. It has bits that makes it feel more organic and natural

Scent It smells like pineapples

Does it work? As a soap yes, but with its tremendous claims, I have to say no. It stings a bit on sensitive areas which have thin skin and reminds me a lot of kojic soaps. I love the smell as the citrus of pineapple is refreshing. It’s a breath of fresh air when  you’re sick of orange or melon scented soaps.

Will I buy again? Nope. Not good enough for me.



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  • MommyCharm

    I remember ordering Cyelina soaps from (now OLX) way back 2008! Haha ^-^ I also love their Black Pearl soap but I was never a fan of their carrot soap. It does make you feel squeaky clean but no astonishing effects with regard to breakouts and or blackheads. For me, the best pa rin ang Shulammite carrot soap. Na-try mo na yun, Miss Kaycee?

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