Ditch the Razor, Embrace the Laser

Do you know all those flawless photographs of celebrities getting in and out of limousines in short dresses? Or the photographs of those very same celebrities, bikini-clad and bronzed on the beach in Hawaii, once again, looking absolutely flawless from head to toe. Yeah, you know the ones.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the effortless beauty that emanates from these people was easily achieved when in actual fact, the opposite is true. As we can attest to, it takes stylists, personal trainers, make-up artists and a whole entourage of other folks to ensure that our media darlings are always ready to face the paparazzi, however little they happen to be wearing at the time.

This preparation, of course, includes the removal of leg and body hair.

You might not like to think about Ariana Grande standing with one leg on the tub, whilst trying to shave those hard to reach places, or consider Gigi Hadid trying her best not to wince at the waxing salon.

Good news, you no longer have to.

Now you could opt to go beyond the point of no return and explore permanent hair removal, as discussed here, or you could embrace the laser.

Like many women, and men for that matter, all over the world, more celebrities than ever before are turning to the laser removal method to keep themselves in check hair-wise.

It simply makes the most sense.

No More Shaving Rash

No one likes it, but a lot of people still endure it. The initial glory of the post shave smoothness is something to behold, and so the immediate itchiness, raised red spots and downright discomfort are all things that many people are prepared to live with. You can always moisturize.

Have a look at Maymay’s routine here. We’re creatures of habit at the end of the day, so if we’re used to shaving our legs, our armpits and everything else in between, it sometimes just makes sense to keep on doing it that way. But what if you could achieve even better results, without the itchiness that follows shaving? Wouldn’t that be a trillion times better? Surely!

No More Embarrassing Moments

Most people have gotten over the awkwardness of going to the salon for waxing by the time they’re around 65 years old. Wait, 65 years old?! It’s true, no matter how proud you are of your junk, it’s always going to be a little on the awkward side when you drop your underwear and let some stranger go to town with some wax strips. It just doesn’t feel natural, but the results make up for it. You go along with it, talk about the weather and the guy you’re seeing and then say your farewells until the next time. Just as with shaving though, what if there was a better way? There is.

Laser Quest

With more options than ever before, using a laser hair remover at home couldn’t be any easier. It’s a suitable process for anyone who ever needs to remove hair from their body. There are lots to choose from, but there are some common features they all share, which make laser hair removal the absolute number one method to get you on your way to feeling as smooth as you like. Effectivity varies, so make sure you have all the facts before you make a choice. All The Stuff breaks the choices down for you.

A lot of laser hair removers are able to work with absolutely any skin tone, which is something that makes them stand out as a product for all. You don’t necessarily have to sift through the options and find a range suited to your skin tone. One size fits all and that’s just what you’re after here, easiness.

The way the machines work for this is that the light and pressure automatically change as the beam moves over different shades of skin, from pale to dark and back again. Even the smallest fluctuations in pigment are picked up by these highly intelligent machines.

There are often different power settings, many models are eminently affordable and perhaps the main advantage over other methods of hair removal is the lack of mess. No foams or creams to tidy up, and you’ll definitely spend less time in those hard to reach, awkward positions.

See how other people have experienced the process with video journals. If you want to know more about science, Fitness Magazine has an informative piece.







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