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Eco Friendly Alternative? | Veeda Applicator Free Tampons Review

It’s another round of girl talk mah friends! This post is for ladies who bleed! With all due respect to our lady friends who don’t *wink*. I’ve been trying to test out different ways to manage our period besides using the regular sanitary napkins. Last month I used the cloth liners. While they’re quite comfortable to wear, it didn’t offer enough absorbption for heavy bleeding. But regular tampons have huge-a$$ plastic applicators bigger than straws. Can you imagine how many of these gets piled up in the rubbish each day? So my search is still on for eco-friendlier options.

That’s why I was excited when I found these Veeda 100% Cotton Applicator Free Tampons in Watsons.

Veeda Applicator Free Tampons

applicator free tampons

I found these in Watsons’ Robinsons Galleria. I’m not sure if this is available in other branches please let me know. They cost 160php for a box of 16. Making them cost around 10 pesos per piece. Veeda tampons claim to have no chemicals, no synthetics, no dyes, and 100% cotton.


applicator free tampons
applicator free tampons

Look they’re so tiny its so cute! It’s still however not 100% plastic free. Oh and here’s what? Veeda uses a biodegradable wrap that does not require special disposal, breaks down in 6-12 months, and has been tested for environmental safety. WOW! (according to Veeda’s Website)


Since it doesn’t use any applicators you use your finger. The tampon is small by itself and is easy to insert in. Make sure your fingers are CLEAN and your nails SHORT. I experienced no leaks the entire day but I changed my tampon 3x (for anti-TSS reasons). Take note, it was during my workout demo for a health and wellness event!

Overall I think this is a good alternative from regular tampons or sanitary pads. IF you need more protection from using cloth liners. I tried to use a “cup” but really couldn’t get the hang of it yet.


applicator free tampons

Kudos and appreciation to macho kid who assisted me in the CR since I was stained and bleeding (I wasn’t prepared and bought the tampons adhoc). He brought me tissues, wipes, etc. And he’s well aware of what’s happening to the female body every month! Swerte girlfriend nito paglaki! 🙂



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