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VLOG: I Love Tapa King

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Screen capture only! Tapa VLOG below

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One of my favorite fast food joint is a tapsilog restaurant here in manila, Tapa King. They serve your typical pinoy breakfast like tapsilog, tocilog, liemposilog etc. But my all-time favorite is their tapa king classic and their tapa flakes kasi it has the right amount of umami and saltiness I love. Their price is not-so affordable but sulit for the serving. (VLOG BELOW)

I’m finally enjoying to film my youtube videos without any pressure of what to post. I think I’ll just vlog whatever I feel like every Sunday! Don’t you think it’s fun to share bits and pieces of your life to others especially stuff like your favorite food, makeup product, or anything under the sun! Maybe I’ll post a Q&A portion soon where I will SELECT questions from YOU my readers and then maybe give away prizes and whatnots. Would you like doing that?


  • nixiquita

    the sunday vlog idea for q&a and giveaway is genius! will look forward to that. 🙂 your hair is cuuute btw, hihi dream ko rin yan noon, green hair.

  • nixiquita

    hala bakit? alam ko po medyo mahirap siya tanggalin sa hair, 🙁 sayang yung sa vivere, ganda ng outcome e. very elegant yung color dahil sa blending!

  • nixiquita

    MY Q: best prods youve tried? Since im on a kilay and founda phase; Brow prods, foundation and add na natin, lip stain 😀 Thanks! 😀

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