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Best Sunscreens for Oily Face or Sensitive Skin

Tis the season to use more sunscreen tralalalalalalalala… Teka mali ata yun. But yes it’s time for my annual sunblock roundup for the year 2016. I’m addicted to sunscreens not only because I don’t want my skin to darken BUT it’s the BEST protection we can use to prevent early signs of skin aging. Prevention is always better than cure as I always say.
UPDATE: Fixed all the broken links! 🙂
There are literally thousands of available sunscreens in the market but I’ll share you my little secret. My skin is very sensitive and particular to sunblocks. It can instantly clog my pores and give me pimples if they’re not formulated well that’s why I try and try and try until I find my favorites (and review my favorite sunblocks).
Just keep on scrolling to see what I can sunscreens I can recommend if you have oily face of sensitive skin. Click their name for the full and detailed review. This is in no particular order.
(click for the full review)
(click for the full review)
(click for the full review)
(click for the full review)
That’s it pancit! If you have anything to add feel free to suggest yours on the comments section below so we can put it here! MWAAAH


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