jelly vit glutathione review
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Jelly Vit Glutathione Review – Is It Worth Trying?

jelly vit glutathione review

You probably guys see this drink in 7-11 and get intrigued. Jelly Vit Jelly Drink is also promoted on the internet. I see their video ad on facebook most of the time and yes their ad worked on me. I bought both the Collagen & Vitamin C and L-Glutathione. Does it work? Is it worth buying? I won’t waste your time and answer it now. NOPE. NOPE NOPE NOPE. If you want to find out why, then feel free and continue to read.

Jelly Vit Glutathione Review – Is It Worth Trying?


Look at the ingredients list. ObserveYou need at least 250mg of glutathione for your body to reap its anti-oxidant benefits and at least 500mg daily intake if you want skin whitening. How many mg does Jelly Vit have? A measly 45mg. You’ll need to chug 10 packs of this if you want to see results. What results will you get when you drink 10 packs? FAT. YOU’LL GET FAT with all the sugar. Looks like they’re just hopping the vitamin bandwagon because it’s the trend.

Okay, so maybe even if this doesn’t work as a “glutathione supplement”. I’m hoping it tastes good, at least.


It’s cloyingly sweet. Too much for my tastebuds. And this is coming from someone who has a sweet tooth! It tastes like artificial plasticky strawberries too. Good thing I just bought 1 pack. Oh, yeah, I wasted 35php so you don’t have to. Love you!

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