Rohto Vita 40alpha Eye Drops Vitamins 2
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REVIEW: Rohto Vita 40alpha Eye Drops Vitamins And Amino Acids 12ml Japan

Rohto Vita 40alpha Eye Drops Vitamins 2
Rohto Vita 40alpha Eye Drops Vitamins 2

It’s the first week of January and I’m sure most of us are back to work. I’m wishing I had my Rohto Vita 40alpha Eye Drops Vitamins with me as I stare into my computer screen while typing my review. Ironic that I’m writing a review about something I don’t have on-hand. Don’t worry I did use this for quite some time but Ryan saw it in my bag and asked me “Is it any good? I’m using their blue one but it’s too strong for my tastes”

The rest is history. Including my eyedrops. 


Rohto Vita 40alpha Eye Drops Vitamins

Rohto Vita 40alpha Eye Drops Vitamins
Rohto Vita 40alpha Eye Drops Vitamins
  • How much? 270php for 12ml
  • Where to buy? On-line Resellers in Lazada or Shopee or @overrunsstoremla in IG (make sure to read buyers feedback to guarantee authenticity)

 Treats revitalize tired and red eyes well. Helps reduces irritation, redness and itchy eyes. Cool mild sensation. Vitamins enhances tear replenishment and reduces eye fatigue. Rohto produces leading eye drops in Japan – trusted since its establishment in 1899.



Rohto Vita  40alpha Eye Drops
Rohto Vita 40alpha Eye Drops

Now the sole reason I bought these eye drops is because I have severe allergies to my pets (cats, birds, dogs) and regular eye-mo just doesn’t do it for me. Of course I still take my anthistamines, but there are times I need relief and I need it pronto!

The more popular Rohto Eyedrops is the one in blue packaging. I also tried that variant c/o my friend but I couldn’t handle the shock factor of getting my eyeballs feel frozen. I needed something milder. 

When I saw this Rohto Vita Orange variant, I immediately added it in my Lazada cart and checked it out for purchase.

According to the description it’s enriched with vitamins that enhances tear replenishment, reduces eye fatigue, and itchiness. It also has a mild cooling sensation.

Now how mild is mild? Not as gentle as I thought! One drop and I still felt that *BRRRRRRR* cold sensation inside my eyes. Not as powerful as the blue one, but freezing still. The feeling lasted for around 3-5 seconds. Not bad. 

My eyes felt instant relief and the white part around the iris, also called Sclera looked a lot brighter/whiter. The red veins appeared thinner and less visible. This eye drop is the equivalent of those instant whitening creams that turns your skin brighter upon application. HAHAHA!

Will I buy again? YES. I like the product and I’ll buy again because my boyfriend took it away from me T_T

I recommend the Rohto Vita 40alpha Eye Drops for people who can’t tolerate the menthol strength of the blue one.


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  • della nanda

    I read about red veins become thinner and disappear, is it really work? especially for brightening in sclera use?

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