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I really appreciate receiving and getting to read your letters knowing you read/follow my blog πŸ™‚ teehee.. now, I’m gonna try my best to answer your queries but please do check with your doctor first 


Hi Ms. Kat,
Good day, πŸ™‚
I know you’re really busy, but I would very much appreciate it if you can give your opinion on the matter.. πŸ™‚
I read your blog on the Top 10 Glutathione Brands.
Because of it, I’ve decided to buy and use Cosmo Skin Glutathione.
Since you’ve had a lot of experiences in Glutationes na, I just wanted to ask your opinion on its effects. I’ve read that it caused you stomach pain or acid reflux but i’ve experienced something different.
Kasi I bought a bottle and tried 1 capsule, I took it at night with a different brand of grapeseed oil extract.
the morning after when I woke up nahilo talaga ako ang got very
nauseaous. I even wasn’t able to go to work that day kasi hindi talaga
ako makatayo kasi umiikot talaga paningin ko and lagi ako nasusuka. But now i’m okay na.
just ask if this is just a temporary effect? I mean on the first take
lang ba? On the other hand, i was thinking this could be a side effect
naman nung grapeseed oil extract that i took..baka that brand is hindi magandang icombine with the cosmo skin. Nanghihinayang kasi ako sa
binili kong bottle e, 1 capsule pa lang ang nabawas..or should i lessen
the dosage, i mean buksan ko yung capsule and half lang inuminΒ  ko..?
I really look forward on your reply and would love to read your helpful insights. πŸ™‚
Your blog reader,

Hi Krianne
First of all thanks for sending me this letter. My advice for this is on whatever you are taking, STOP when you get negative effects. I do not believe on this “purging” stage. Walang temporary effect. It’s either hiyang ka or no. The nahihilo part and nasusuka is a sign that your body is rejecting this supplement. Please, wag ka manghinayang. STOP at once. You can sell the remaining capsules online, to those girls na hiyang with that brand. Mas magastos magkasakit my dear. STOP both the grapeseed and the glutathione. I will post something that will safely whiten our skin without the gastos of glutathione. I just discovered this and is undergoing testing. The good part is, it’s available in all drugstores and it’s been existing in our vitamins before pa.
Please take care of yourself

Love lots, Kat

Hi, Kat! ( I’m hoping that’ your name) I’m Anna and I’m an avid reader
of your blog. I always check on your whitening ranking and before I even
purchase anything online, I’d like to ask you first a few things. Well,
for one, sold na sila talaga ako sa vista pack review mo and i just
opened an eBay account just so I could purchase it. I have no idea where
else to buy it from since I live here in the states. Bummer tlga! But I
checked naman the sellers review, looks like they’re okay. My friend
and I bought glutanova900 from magic potions online and even spoke to
one of their reps back there in the Philippines. After 3 boxes each of
mixed vitaminC, collage. And gluta(900g) walang effect kahit konti.
Super sad nga kami kasi we were both ecstatic to see something. But I
just love your blog kasi na experience mo na mag try ng varieties.
Thanks so much for updating for all your readers. Should you have any
advice or tips on what is really good, please please please dont
hesitate to share ha? You mentioned something about placental protein.
What’s a good brand kaya? Have you tried it?

Dear Anna
Before buying a lot of boxes, buy the trial versions first para hindi sayang. You’re very lucky na youre from the US kasi mas madaming glutathione brands dyan. Even in Healthy Options there. But if you insist on buying from here in the Philippines, I suggest taking Glutawhite. It’s just 15php/ per capsule and it’s one of the brands I didnt react negatively with. Placental protein is very expensive kasi.

Love lots,


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