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Lost for Words – An Accidental Poem

You know how drunk messages work right? Well I did a “sort of drunk” facebook message to my boyfriend. I showed it to my sister and she thought it was beautiful so I decided to share it with you guys. It’s 5th of November. I wonder if it’s different today. I’m offline. I’ll post an update on my social media since this is a scheduled post.


Wish you were here. I’ll do this next time with you, and only you my beloved.

If I told you I’m yours, would it decrease my worth.
But I know you hate drama so I’ll tell you this
I’m in love with you. That’s all that matters. I’m not expecting anything in return. I’m just happy you’re here. I’m glad our paths crossed.
Maybe we crossed paths because both of us chose to g left. So let’s go walk there together and leave the mortals walk where they think it’s “right”
You don’t know how grateful I am to find someone like you. You are a beautiful soul.
Let’s leave it at that.
Oh f*ck

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