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Macho Mom Fitness: Am I Too Old to Get in Shape?


Yay! Shall I celebrate that it’s my last year in the calendar days? Yes guys I’ve already hit the big 3-1 and it scares me too death! A common question that pops in my head is, Am I getting too old to get/stay in shape? Well, the answer is easy.

Am I Too Old to Get in Shape?

You’re never too old to start. Heck, I started working out when I hit 25. And I’ve been in better shape now than when I was 18! No kidding!

  • Boston Marathon champion Meb Keflezighi was asked how long he thought he could continue competing at an elite level, now being over the age of 40, he responded: “If no one ever told you when you were born, how would you know how old you are?”
  • Tamae Watanabe of Japan summited Mount Everest at the age of 73, 10 years after setting the previous record at 63! I met many Rebels over the age of 70, including Gay from New Mexico who is 73, has nine grandchildren, and lost 90 pounds on her journey!

Whether you are 30 or 80 – if you believe you are too old you ARE too old.  This belief that you are too set in your ways to change becomes paralyzing.

Look at this old lady named Willie Murphy. She’s 79 and can power lift! She started late too, at around 56 years of age.

You should never subscribe to believe that you are “too old”. I always tell myself, age is just a number. And the older I get, the better I become.

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