My BeautyMNL Shopping Experience and Haul

When only half of my face has make-up on, you know you’ve been swatching
How are you?! I’m still semi-distracted and been yes, lazy on writing my features and reviews. Admittedly because of that thing called pag-ibig. I’m lovestruck. I can’t sleep on time. My laptop is just beside me all the time but my mind prefers to wander and daydream instead. BUT! Ryan and I discussed a so-called pie chart of our lives in which we are only 1/8th of the pie. The rest are family, work, health, money, etc etc. Do you agree? I learned my lesson not to give 100% when it comes to relationships. Keep something for yourself so when it ends (since nothing is forever) you can still move on.
Speaking of distractions, it has always been a past-time of mine to browse Sephora or Ulta or Amazon for cosmetic window shopping. I put a bunch of stuff in the cart but never really get to check-out because wth, it’s in the US only. I always dreamed of a similar site in the Philippines and finally my wish is granted with BeautyMNL.

What is BeautyMNL?

It’s an on-line magazine/shop that curates the best products from brands raved by beauty mavens worldwide! They bring what we want conveniently in our own homes by means of on-line shopping. It’s a virtual makeup shopping heaven! (IM HOOKED)

5 Things I Love About BeautyMNL

  • They accept different modes of payment from credit card, bank deposit, and even paypal
  • It has the most diverse brand directory I have ever seen! More than 300+ most coveted brands, even those not available in our shores locally. You might find what you’re looking for here
  • They ship items fast, and when I got them, they were perfectly and safely wrapped in bubblewrap. No breakage
  • Their site is easy to navigate. I appreciate shops that are categorized by brand, product type, price, and bestsellers. No thinking needed. 
  • They always have promos! (Like discounts on their gift cards!)
Are you ready to see my first purchase?
Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte in 30 Naturel

I got this because I’m a Chanel fan and been looking for a trusty face powder for a long time. So why not stick to a brand I trust?

A bunch of Red Cherry lashes in WSP

This is my holy grail of all false eyelashes. It fits my eye shape perfectly, looks subtle, natural but still sultry. It can also be re-used. For glue I like DUO

CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint

I purchased this because I had around 200 pesos left in my shopping budget and I need to grab something kasi sayang. HAHA.

Laura Mercier Blush in Tender Muave

Muave blushes may seem boring but they’re the most flattering for olive skin-tones

Lumiere Argan Oil
I heard and read a lot of raves for Argan Oil for the skin, hair, nails, and a lot of things. I need to try it and see for myself if this is really the creme de la creme and the gold of all natural oils.

L’Oreal Super Liner

I thought this was only available in the US I squealed for joy when I saw it in their store! It has a super fine tip yet super pigmented and lasts for hours without smudging.

I will return to beautyMNL to shop my beauty staples. I mean no girl would ever say they have enough makeup right? We can never have enough!!! 
If you like taking selfies (hihi we looove selfies!), join BeautyMNL #selfieMNL contest! Get a chance to win a Printster polaroid of your pretty face and a PHP200 BeautyMNL GC. Click here for the complete details.