Why Period Won’t Cripple My Career. Period.

Who among you take a leave of absence during their monthly period? Raise your hands! I’d like to raise mine but as much as I would like to, we couldn’t. We have to bare the monthly discomfort. Having our menses is crippling enough on its own we shouldn’t let it interfere with our careers.

A survey of 600 women was done recently and it was found that:

  • 10% were regularly bedridden because of period pains
  •  4 out of 10 claimed their menses stopped them from concentrating at work because of the sudden gush of fluid 

Here are my tips on how to overcome common period woes while working:

  • During a public presentation –  Distractions while you’re talking just to check if you have stains? 
    • Use the right pad! During heavy flows, using a thicker pad will protect you from stains.
  • Meeting a client – Makes you have many restroom stops to check your back for stains?
    • Replace your pad with a fresh one just before your meeting.
  • Lunch with colleagues – Gets you uneasy to ask if you have stains?
    • Use a pad that provides ultimate protection. My recommendation for this is written below!

I get cranky a lot when I get my period. As in I lash out on almost everyone like a beast. Not just because of hormones, but also because of the sudden gush of liquid that makes me really irritable! The feeling is icky. Usually I have spare regular pads in my drawer but that is not enough because 70% of our fluids comes out in the first 2 days.  I need something more absorbent than the regular kind. A pad that can make me feel secure enough so I avoid checking my back for leaks from time to time. I need a pad that can do the best absorption so I can focus on what’s really important.  My career. What can I recommend?

Instead of having just the regular-sized napkins in our bags or drawers, we should also have a pack of Modess All Night. These pads are SUPER absorbent and gets 25% more liquid. It’s perfect for days when our flows are heaviest. It helps remove the anxiety of sudden gushes because you’re confident that your pad can absorb any flow. Look, it might say it’s all night but we can also use it ALL DAY. It’s comfortable like cotton, too. Having heavy flow will never cripple my career! Business meeting? Sure! Team Presentation? I can do it! Lunch out with colleagues? Let’s go!

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