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Naturactor Magic Lipsticks (Review, Photos, Swatch)

Naturactor Magic Lipsticks

By the way this isn’t Kaycee, My name is Kail. I’m a Beauty Blogger/Makeup Artist and was lucky enough to be a guest blogger here at KIKAYSIKAT.COM


I will be sharing you guys my thoughts about these NATURACTOR MAGIC LIPSTICKS that KAYCEE gave me to try out. First of all I literally have no idea what “magic lipsticks” are so I made some re-search and got the idea of the Lipstick that leaves a tint on your lips like regular lip tints, but why “magic”? Well as seen on the following photos the lipsticks may look odd and intimidating with the weird colors but most of them have the same tint color on your lips, regardless what the actual bullet looks.


The concept was highly raved back then during the 90’s, also some also made alternate names like “Mood Lipsticks” but still same concept.
So what’s so good about the one’s offered by Naturactor? Actually I literally have NO IDEA! Why? Cause I can’t read Japanese. So the review will be based on my experience without expectations!


Each shade despite its difference in colors applies the same on the lips.

Good Stuffs/Pro’s/What I like:

  • It’s super hydrating, it feels like a lip balm upon application.
  • The packaging looks and feels sturdy and safe. It doesn’t feel like it will get ruined once you add it to your kikay kit.
  • LONGEVITY!? Gosh it stayed on for hours. I wore it during my shift from 10 pm to 7 am and still the stain was there, the lipstick itself is gone but the tint it left stayed for such a long period of time.
  • I don’t have any idea what the packaging says but it claims it has “Natural Herbal Essences” so that’s a good thing, we know it’s natural and safe.
  • One Swipe is all you need! The tint, well “magic” instantly works once applied.
  • No Scent! I know not much people are a fan of lipsticks with scents.


Bad Stuffs/Con’s/I dint like:

  • The box is in japanese! I wish they considered international customers like us who can’t read japanese.
  • Not much shades to offer, most of them as mentioned offer the same tint which is a red,pink, or orange.

Tip: If you’re doing an ombre-gradiation lips be careful cuz the tint stays for hours. No mistakes shall be done.


  • YES! I highly suggest this if you’re someone who’s on the go and don’t wanna look “dead” and wants to add up some color to look some how happy.
  • I suggest getting at least 3 shades a pink, orange, and red.
  • I highly suggest the orange one if you’re someone with Medium-Light Skin

Kikaysikat Says: It’s a DUPE for Dior Addict Lip Glow!!!!

So that’s pretty much it! I hope KIKAYSIKAT Readers enjoyed my review, I’ll try to write some more for you guys stay tuned till the next.

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