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Flattering Nude and Matte Lipsticks for Filipina Skintone


One nude and matte lipstick is enough.  If you find one lippie perfect enough to flatter your filipina skintone, just like mine. Here’s the thing, we cannot have enough! It sounds silly but yes, having a variety of nude lipsticks in your makeup arsenal is just comforting. Nude lipsticks, take note should not wash you out, and can be worn with different looks. That’s why it’s a staple in anyone’s makeup kit. If you haven’t found “the one” yet, maybe this post can help you.

I have a light-medium olive complexion. Regardless of skin fairness, I have a neutral undertone. It means I have both GREEN and BLUE veins. If you have mostly blue veins on your wrists, you’re most likely on the cooler side of the spectrum. More green? You’re warm. I notice that most Pinays mistake being morena as being warm. Nope nope nope. Those who have a yellowish undertones are warm aka those with a chinese lineage.

Are you looking at your wrists already? You neutral? Cool (pun intented). Go watch my video to see all the swatches of flattering nude and matte lipsticks and you may find something you like! Individual photos will also be posted below:

Flattering Nude and Matte Lipsticks Featured





In order:


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