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Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Review

Note: This was review on Dior Addict Lip Glow posted back in 2012. I still use the product after all these years and it deserves new photos!!!
Are you like me who is prone to dry lips no matter how much water you take? That putting on lipstick without a balm underneath would make your lips pop and bleed? *ouch* A good balm is hard to find. Since there are TONS out there. From the cheapest to the most expensive ones.
Another makeup product with a very long and descriptive name. A lip balm that claims to be everything you want. Brings out the natural color of your lips, sun protection, superb moisturization, and a promise that with daily use; improve lip texture over time.  I LOVE DIOR Dior Addict Lip Glow.

Does it do as it claims? Is it really worth the expensive price?
Let’s go and take a look ^_-


It doesn’t really react to your chemistry because based on the ingredients list. It has carmine. A common ingredient in lipsticks that gives it that red color, it probably has a tiny tiny amount so it provides the sheerest bit of color. Main ingredient for moisturization is the mango butter.
What I love the most about this one? The fragrance! Most lip balms with SPF smells and tastes like suncreen. Yuck. This smells delicious, mint chocolate. But not so overpowering, only a light lingering scent that would probably make someone draw nearer to you because your lips just smell yummy. Dior addict lip glow.

Before: No balm, so dry, so happy, so flakey. So painful 🙁

After: Juicylicious luscious lips

It’s a pretty good lipbalm all in all, worth the price yes; but it’s not practical to shell out around 30 dollars for a balm. It also runs out fast (with daily use) and mine is 3/4 left after a month’s use. I’m a frequent balm user because you can see in the picture how my lips were. BUT! After a month’s use, my lips were definitely softer, and requires me to use the product less often.


This is how we compare it to cheaper, petrolatum based balms, which makes your lips feel worse the longer you use the balms, making your lips addicted to putting on lipbalm just to sooth the chapping. Talk about good marketing! It makes your lips dependent to the product.

Tip: Did you know this can also be used as a cheek stain? It’s not oily at all, and it did not break me out. It gives the best, and most natural flush your cheeks can have!

This, however does the opposite, it did improve the texture and color of my lips overtime. I love this one so much!

Will I buy this again? I probably will! Up until the time I find a perfect dupe. What’s your favorite lip balm?



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