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RedoxFat Review – Search for the Best L-Carnitine Supplement

I’m currently on zombie-mode by writing this post for you guys right now. I slept around 3am playing Azure Dreams (Playstation 1 game) on my laptop and it’s so addicting. It’s a monster/rogue type RPG that’s my favorite of all time! If you want to learn more about the game, go to my old post reviewing Azure Dreams. I have a workout session at 12 noon and with the lack of sleep I need that extra boost of energy without the caffeine and an L-Carnitine supplement does exactly that.


I know most of you are familiar with L-Carnitine Supplements by now because we’re bombarded with advertisements that it’s helps aid weight loss. I already discussed L-Carnitine in detail while reviewing the other L-Carnitine Supplement, FATROL but to give you a summary L-Carnitine has the following benefits.

L-Carnitine aids with fat loss – it uses our stored fat as fuel during exercise
L-Carnitine fights belly fat – it specifically targets and begins burning our belly fat during the process, this is perfect for people who are slim like me, but has problem areas like the stomach
L-Carnitine improves performance – it gives that extra boost of energy.
L-Carnitine helps post-workout recovery

Can you see where I’m going? You don’t just take L-Carnitine supplements. That’s why it’s called supplement. You don’t depend on this alone to lose weight or burn fat. You need to pair with with proper diet and exercise to achieve the results you want.






RedoxFat Review

This is the most affordable among all brands with an apt amount of l-carnitine and green tea extract. Fatrol has the most (500mg) and Fitrum has the least (30mg). This is in the middle ground with 350mg. I didn’t like Fatrol because the content in the capsule oxidize too soon. Well redoxfat’s capsules aren’t clear so I couldn’t see but it’s better than seeing the weird spots.
I feel like I took a shot of espresso if I take a capsule of this before working out. I only take this once a day. With regards to slimming, I feel like it really does help. I’m down to 101lbs from 106lbs but I pair with with lifting heavy and a healthy diet

RedoxFat Ingredients

L-Carnitine – 350mg
Green Tea Extract – 150mg

RedoxFat Price

RedoxFat costs 390php for a box of 30 capsules and can be individually purchased for 13php per capsule

Where to buy RedoxFat

I got mine at Mercury Drug but I think it’s also available in other leading drugstores.
Good luck on your fitness goals and I hope this review helps! Feel free to share this post to your family and friends who are curious with L-Carnitine Supplements.

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