fitbit flex 2 (1)
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Fitbit Flex 2 Review – Waterproof Fitness Tracker

fitbit flex 2 (1)
fitbit flex 2 (1)

Are you familiar with  fitness trackers? They’re basically a hybrid of fashion-tech-fitness gear you wear to track your activity, sleep, food intake, etc. As a woman with an active lifestyle but sleeps late and eat junk, I need something to help me achieve my fitness goals by tracking my activities and giving me reminders.  Fitbit Flex 2 is geared towards the entry level crowd who want a tracker that’s slim, versatile and of course, waterproof. Here’s my honest-to-goodness, first hand review,  from a first time user of a fitness tracker.

  • Fitbit Flex 2 (PHP4,899) tracker with a classic fitness band in black, lavender, magenta or navy

  •  Classic 3-pack fitness accessory band hues in Pink (blush pink, lavender and magenta) and Sport (gray, navy and yellow) coming soon (PHP1,399)

  • Bangle accessory in gold, rose gold (PHP4,699), and silver stainless steel (PHP4,299)

  • Pendant accessory in gold (PHP4,699) and silver stainless steel (PHP3,799)


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Design and comfort

What I have is the Classic design which is a slim little tracker that’s not difficult to match with your outfits. It wears like a slim wristwatch and is so comfortable you barely notice you’re wearing one at all. It comes Classic and Luxe designs. The classic being the sporty soft texture while the Luxe has the looks of stainless steel. Both are waterproof.

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Fitbit Flex 2 LED lights to notify you about calls, texts and also hourly reminders to move. Lifting your arm up will make the vibrations stop but the lights will keep flashing for phone calls. Fitbit has a default pattern of lights and vibrations to help you differentiate between calls, texts, silent alarms, reminders to move and daily goal progress. 

  • Phone call – Your tracker will vibrate three times, you’ll see a blue light and four white lights. Double tap to dismiss the notification.
    Text message – Your tracker will vibrate once and you’ll see a blue light and one white light.

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The Flex 2 is fairly simple. It’s capable of tracking steps, calories burned, active minutes, hourly activity and sleep, all of which can be auto-detected with the SmartTrack feature. I like how it can monitor my sleep and remind me of how I’m going. I just wonder how accurate the activity tracker is since I have Tourettes Syndrome (involuntary muscle movement) so the number of steps shown on the app is probably more than I really probably took.

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I’m surprised by how it tracked my activities like sleeping, weight lifting (as sport), and wrestling (as sport). This is without logging it manually! see photo below for reference

Mobile App

It’s a good ecosystem, full of social challenges with badges to earn, all clearly laid out and easy to use. You don’t have to complete the whole thing immediately, though the app gives you a daily destination with points to meet based on your seven day step average. Along the way, smaller step goals unlock little things to keep you motivated.

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Aside from that, you get your usual range of food, water and weight logging. Days are presented on the main screen, and you tap a metric to get a broader look at your performance. For example, tap on the sleep score for the day and you can take a look at your sleep over time, and filter by day, week or month.

Fitbit Flex 2 is mobile phone dependent so expect a faster draining of your phone battery if you’re always connected. It’s

Battery Life

It took me around 4 hours to fully charge the battery. It includes its very own special charger base which can be connected to any USB adapter or port. With average usage and with my synch turned to manual, it lasted me more than its acclaimed 5 days. The Fitbit Flex 2 lasted up to 9 days for me which is very good for a busy person like me!

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Final Thoughts

  • It’s the perfect fitness tracker for the first timer
  • Effortlessly tracks your most important health and fitness stats automatically with Smart Track
  • Water resistant up to 5 ATMs (50m or 164 feet)iii, and life-proof for wear in the ocean, shower, pool and beyond.
  • Long battery life up to 5 days on a single charge.
  • Smart Tracker
  • Flex 2 is for women and men of all ages who want a simple, minimalistic yet stylish device to track their all-day activity, exercise and sleep, and stay motivated to reach their health and fitness goals no matter
    where life takes them. Flex 2 is also the right choice for a user seeking to swim with their tracker or is
    looking for a more discreet way to track their health and fitness.

Fitbit is available at Digital Walker, Beyond the Box, select Toby’s stores, iBOOK, iCENTER, Mobile1, Globe, Gadgets in Style, Hivemind, Lazada, Zalora, Timeline, The Inbox Store, iLiberty and Rnnr stores.

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