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Slimming Tea Reviews – Do They Really Work for Weight Loss?

Slimming Tea Reviews. For me, all Senna-based tea are just the same. They’re nothing but mechanical laxatives that help you with constipation and make you poop a lot. Continue reading if you really want to know everything you need on Senna Slimming Teas.
First off, Senna Tea is a “slimming” product that helps flush out the colon, cleanse the body of harmful toxins and impurities, treat constipation and encourage weight-loss. The only ingredient in the formula is senna (leaves and fruit). You only need to drink it once each day. All you need to do to brew it is add the bag to lukewarm water and wait 20 minutes.

Senna Teas / Supplement Available in the Philippines (in no particular order)


Biguerlai Slimming Tea


Biofitea (I take this when I’m really constipated)


Kankunis Herb Tea (my mom took this LOL)


Slimming Tea Side Effects

The first thing that caught our eye with SennaTea ingredients is the fact that they caused side effects for some dieters. “Many of the products like this one have laxatives, which are not safe for weight-loss,” says our Research Editor. “There is no part of this formula that will help you lose more over the long term.” “Senna sucks, it’s getting worse in me. It’s good only for 2 to 3 days. But after that you begin to notice its side effects. Your stomach cramps, you could no longer have bowel movements and you begin to have severe constipation,” said one user.
Another customer commented, “This tea causes serious stomach cramping!”
Let me take just one more second of your time, before heading out to buy this one. Senna Tea is basically just a laxative. We do have serious hesitations about recommending this one for weight-loss purposes. Anything you lose is only intestinal bulk and water. Furthermore, this tea clearly causes side effects in some people, which include diarrhea, loss of electrolytes, cramping and dehydration. There are simply too many drawbacks.
Those who really need to lose more pounds and slim down quickly, we encourage you to choose a diet tea or weight-loss product that uses clinically proven ingredients, does not cause side effects and is backed by plenty of positive customer reviews.

Slimming Tea Recommendation and Advice

Senna teas are basically diarrhea drinks LOL. If you’re fat and really want an “aid” to lose weight. Take any brand of orlistat (Lesofat or Xenical) Since that supplement is clinically proven to excrete unwanted fat. (It makes you excrete fat from your anus 24 hours a day too so I suggest wearing diapers, you’ll smell bad too)
Staying sexy and fit is a lifestyle change. You don’t rely on diarhea to stay “slim”. If you’re determined to be healthy and strong your entire life, try reading my Project Sexy blog post or try eating healthy and browse the Best Diet Delivery in the Philippines

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