safest-gift-ideas-ever (1)
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Safe Gift Ideas for Anyone on your List!

safest-gift-ideas-ever (1)
safest-gift-ideas-ever (1)

Are you having a dilemma and have no idea what gift to give? People are sick of getting ballpens, notebooks, paperclips, or any other office supply you can think of! Here are safe gift ideas that people will actually USE and APPRECIATE. Modern gifts for millenials and more.

 Safe Gift Ideas for Anyone on your List!

#1 USB Mobile Cable

Admit it or not. We either break these or lose these. I for one keep on buying this 4-5 times in a year despite taking care if it. Your friend will appreciate an extra USB cable in case of emergencies.


#2 Socks

The difference between the USB cable and socks is that when we lose socks. We just lose one. Almost everyone wears socks everyday why not give the gift of funky feet.



#3 Body Wash

Safe, and totally not useless. Everyone wants a huge bottle of body wash in the shower in case they’re lazy to go full-on with a soap bar. If you want to make it look extra fancy, you can get those luxe body washes in Rustan’s or go grab some at Bath and Body Works or Victoria’s Secret.


#4 Soft Fluffy Blankets

Make your friend embrace the child within and give him/her a fluffy blanket that will remind us of cuddles and warm hugs.


#5 Powerbanks

In this modern age where we must always be connected. That our mobile devices are already part of our bodies, getting enough battery power to last us through the day is a MUST. For a heavy user, you can never have enough of power banks.


#6 Cleansing Wipes

In the car, office and even at home. Having an ample stock of cleansing wipes can be a savior in emergencies. No one hates having too much wipes!



#7 Earphones

Based on personal experience, it doesn’t matter if your sound buds are high-end or low end when we’re gonna lose it anyway. Sure, we take care of it. Just like USB cables we either break it by too much travel or lose it. Your friend will thank you for this!


#8 Bath Towels

Last but not the least. Bath towels. Everyone deserves a fresh sheet every bath. I remember the time back in college when I stayed in my aunt’s house and I only owned 3 towels. So I used 1 for like 1 week without changing it. Talk about unhygienic! Your friend will love you and no one can ever have enough of fresh bath towels! (Get the large one ha hindi yung good morning towel LOL)




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  • Charm J

    Since funky socks are so in right now, I think I’ll gift all my cousins with cute socks. We live in the province and during December until February, the temperature in our place can drop to 21, those socks will surely be useful in keeping them warm. ^-^

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