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RYU Ramen Review [FOOD]

I love Japanese food. It’s my favorite among all cuisines. From raw sashimi to yummy ramen! I actually have a quest to find the best tasting ramen here in Manila and so far Kichitora’s Pai Tan Ramen is winning (review was not made! have to dine there again soon!).

They have a very cozy interior.




They actually have a number of dishes that are pretty common in ramen houses. Price ranges from 200-500php

A couple of weeks ago, my good friend Happy Tummy and I went out for lunch at RYU Ramen at SM Jazz Makati. He said reviews are nice and another colleague mentioned they have one of the best tasting Tantanmen Ramen. I was intrigued. I scoured the internet for reviews and they were raving about it!



Alas, the ramen wasn’t spectacular in my opinion. I ordered the “HOT” variant and found the noodles to be too thick and doesn’t have that “bite” that we look for in ramen noodles. The broth was too watery and there wasn’t enough noodles. The saving grace of this dish was its pork slices which was very flavorful. I appreciated its smokey flavor.




Their Tantanmen Ramen isn’t thatΒ bad but it wasn’t exceptional like everyone is talking about either. I found that there wasn’t much dimension on their broth. It was flat. At 400+ it wasn’t worth it. I wasn’t able to finish mine, not because it filled me up but it had that “nakakasawa” feel. You get used to the taste immediately.


Happy Tummy ordered their curry and he said it wasn’t special either. The pork meat was too tough and ordinary compared to YABU’s. The saving grace of this dish was the rice. He said it was like japanese rice, small, a bit chewy, and nice to eat.

All in all, I don’t think I will be dining here again anytime soon. 

KikaySiKat Rating 2/5 Stars


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