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The Balm Favorites

Hello pretty gals! How’s everybody doing? It’s kinda hectic and busy at my work but it’s a really good thing to have this blogging as a hobby, kinda releases stress and tension haha I think of makeup and prettifying instead! It’s kinda overdue since Ive been using TheBalm Cosmetics for some time now (Their concealer for 2 years already). On and off because I stray off to other brands.
Yep, same story of not being content to stuff that actually works and still try other stuff that will just make your skin worse.
Here are some of my favorite TheBalm goodies.. after the jump.

Mary-Lou Manizer, Time Balm, Sexy Mama
1. Mary-Lou Manizer – Since korean makeup is the “in” thing right now, luminizers and higlighters are a must! It took years before I found a good cheap alternative for guerlain meteorites that isnt chalky to the touch. Using a light hand, this works really well and if using a heavy hand, can be a great highlighter for the nose bridge, cheekbones, brow bones, and cupid bow. Under natural sunlight, it has this radiating rainbow holographic shimmer that’s supaaah fine. I also received a lot of compliments on how I look “blooming” and “glowing” when using this babeeh.
2. Time BalmA concealer with benefits isnt imposisble, highly pigmented, long lasting, and packed with skin beneficial ingredients like retin-a, vitamin K this has been a staple in my kikay kit recently, Im never without it!
3. Sexy Mama – It’s actually colorless, I can’t believe it’s colorless, this doesnt have coverage at all. Zero, nadda. So if youre expecting for this to replace foundations, nah-ah, this just removes shine and great for touchups. My qualm about this is how the mirror makes me really dizzy and gives me migraine the whole day (I dont look at its mirror) It’s so odd it’s like those strange mirrors at circuses that distorts and such.
The powder is not finely milled, it very rough to touch so I wasnt expecting much but WHOA, it makes my face matte without making it look dull *ehem maybelline dream matte*
Over-all, I think TheBalm is a great brand with a lot of good finds, its rare to see a brand with this much versatility. You should also try their blushes, bronzers, and cheektints.
😉 I would probably be gone for a while, so excited to visit my hubby.. miss him so much <3 <3 <3


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