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Tips & Tricks : Dry Shampooing

One of the sacrifices I have to make as a new mom is that I am not allowed to take a bath for a month. I have to follow old customs of my relatives since they are concerned about my health. I went thru CS operation when I gave birth to my baby Geof, and because of that, I am left with a painful wound (bikini cut yey, and not even visible thanks to my great OB).

It is a custom that women who just gave birth are not allowed to take a bath for 1 whole month because they are afraid they might get “lamig” or “chills”. To be honest, it has been 8 days since I last took a bath and I feel so sticky. Wash cloths and baby wipes dont satisfy me since before, I used to take a bath 2-3 times.  Skin is easy to clean.
But what about my scalp and hair?

It’s greasy, sticky, and sweaty. Gross.

An alternative I could do is dry shampoo. Haha it rhymes. Of course I can purchase commercial shampoos, but why buy when you can make one cheaper?

The basic ingredient is cornstarch. Then I could mix in a few essential oils to add fragrance, but instead I just bought J&J Cornstarch Powder *lazy me*



But of course nothing beats freshly washed hair. Pray for me 🙂 22 more days to go till I get my well deserved bath…
(or.. I could cheat and take a bath when no one is looking LoL)

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