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What’s New? Cosmo Skin Elite Premium Collagen

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This will be a quick post. I was around Watson’s at Waltermart Laguna (dropped by! I can’t help it!) before going to Enchanted Kingdom when I saw them selling this new Elite Premium Collagen by CosmoSkin. I reviewed their Glutathione before and unfortunately, the concentration of their ALA in their glutathione formula made my throat hurt and gave my stomach acid reflux.


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I’m very much open to try their collagen supplement soon once I find the time and budget to purchase a bottle. Of course I would share my honest to goodness review for all of you! ^_^ Specially when one of my colleagues at work, Paul of Happy Tummy (yep he’s a food blogger part-time! we have a lot of bloggers in our company) tells me that I should take more collagen and anti-aging pills so I can keep my youth. OMG I’m turning 28 this year Oh noooooo

This sells for 680php for a bottle of 30 capsules with 500mg Marine Collagen.  I prefer drinking collagen because 500mg to be honest is not enough for our skin to show visible signs of youth. The amount we need is 5,000mg – 20,000mg. But yeah who knows? Maybe a concentrated version may yield positive results in making our skin more youthful.


This is not a paid advertisement. I am really curious about the product

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