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What’s Your Sanitary Napkin Brand?

It’s so obvious that today is a day where I have the day where all women have days during their time of the month! *laughs out loud* that’s why I thought of asking you my dearest blog friend, what brand do you use if it’s your time of the month as well. (If you are a girl of course!)

I used to be an avid fan of Modess cotton no-wings because how it does not irritate me, but it’s hard to have a feeling like you are wearing a diaper because of how thick and bulky it is. I tried Whisper but it gave me rashes. So now my favorite brand of napkin is Kotex Luxe. It’s so thin, comfy, and makes me feel dry and not bulky that I love it so much I HOARD being afraid that they’ll discontinue it.

This is not a paid ad, nor did I get free napkins haha.. I buy mine at the supermarket or Watson’s.
Once I run out of my stocks (soon) I will try these one with designs… I don’t understand why there is a need for bright and bold patterns though, it’s not as if we’re going to put it on display after use HAHHAHAHAHAH


How about you? What brand do you use?


  • Burnt Raisin

    Hi there..dropping by to say hi and to leave a comment too. I've no particular brand preference for pads. But I do have preference for the price, heheh. Generic brands like Newtex and Modess are reasonably priced, pretty absorbent, don't give me rashes/itch, and are sold everywhere. While I have an inkling for pretty things (being a closet-kikay too), I try to be as practical as I can get when it comes to choosing my sanitary pads. =)

    But yes..that which you featured is indeed a very pretty pad, heheh. Sadly not meant for display, I agree. =)

  • Janinay

    Hahahaha! Natawa ako sa not on display. 😛

    I use Modess pero parang I find it hard to stay put sa undies ko. I don't like Whisper but I haven't tried the cottony something variant, so I might on my next "visit". Hehe. Maybe I'll try Kotex too. 😀 For pantyliners I like Sisters. Cheap and bulkier than Carefree but I'm feeling it. Cheap too. 😛

  • denise

    haha….gamit ko kasi charmee maganda talaga yun.. kasi its very/super absorbent even when i hav heavy period..pati pantyliner ko charmee din..pag walang mabilhan sisters…:)

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