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Eclipse 24/7 Gym: What are Your Goals?

What’s a review on a gym without updates on our progress right? Well before I present you
my progress for month 1, here are pictures of some clients who have been working out in Eclipse 24/7 for more than a year.


Remember, slow and steady is key, instant results are not always the best results. So when working out, we shouldn’t rush ourselves too much because hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. But when built, and build the right way it can withstand time. Naks.

I learned from my good coach that whenever you step into training, or to workout. First thing you ask yourself is “What are my goals?” because if you don’t know, then you’re training to nowhere. My goal is to get strong. REALLY strong. As strong as my male colleagues at work or even stronger than them. And upon working on that goal, I seem to be losing my bodyfat as well! Haha! ++ Still on Paleo/Renegade + Working out at Eclipse Gym.

A year ago, I didn’t even own a pair of rubbershoes, sneakers even. I thought I could lose weight with diet pills, awful overly cardio, etc.

Here are some of my BEFORE pics.

I always had small arms (but flabby) and heavy at the bottom. Look at that

I didn’t realize I was overweight until I saw this photo. Weight: 108.4lbs

Here are my “after” I don’t have any full body pictures yet, but Ive been taking photos of my belly since 2 months ago.. do take note it is not my main goal to lose weight or get skinny. Hopefully I’ll build more muscle in time as I don’t like the skinny look. I like the strong, fit, healthy look.

Yep, eating clean + working out


What I’m loving doing at Eclipse now is really lifting! and moving kettlebells 😀 It feels empowering, as a little lady, to be able to lift heavy.

I have to be honest, Eclipse is really far away from work, and far away from home. But going there everytime is worth it. The environment is optimum for training. The abundance of equipment makes other clubs (even those platinum ones) subpar because after touring several gyms, only Eclipse has a huge area for working out, and A LOT of free weights and equipment.

These are my first times so please bear with me. 🙂 It would be great if we can get off our mindsets that lifting heavy will make us “HUGE” or “BUFF” just like men. That’s impossible to happen because they have higher testosterone levels than we have. Yes, we lean out, but we cannot gain super huge muscles like they do. But we CAN get STRONGER. Losing the fat is just the icing on the cake.

How about you? What are your fitness goals?


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