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[FITNESS] Will Lifting Weights Make Me Look Like a Man?

Can you see even the slightest testosterone-filled muscles in my body? It’s still the same petite frame I was born with, except stronger and leaner. A common misconception with women, and the reason why they avoid lifting heavy weights is that you might be afraid of looking like a man.

But the answer is NO. Lifting heavy weights such as barbells, or pulling your own body weight via dips or pull-ups won’t make you look like a man. Want to know why? Because women does not produce the amount of testosterone men does. And that’s actually one of the factors they get BIGGER and STRONGER. Us? Sure, we’d gain muscles, we’d have those toned abs, but never will get as huge as theirs. I don’t have any recent videos but I’d like to share with you a video of the very first time that I lifted something heavy.

It is fun to be strong. You can do more things than a regular person can. You would not need as much help from other people when you need to carry huge groceries (I know you know what I mean), you will feel better, and look sexier. A good example would be Ellen Adarna? I’m sure you’ve seen her instagram videos showing her lean physique, lifting, and working out hard! She still looks as feminine as a flower.

Why do some female body builders look like a man?


It’s not because of their lifts, it’s because some, actually take steriods and hormones to alter their bodies. Making them actually, more like a man. Imagine some transexuals who take contraceptive pills that has estrogen to make them look like a female. They do the reverse. You will look like a man if either one; you already look like a man or two; You are a man.

You won’t look like this trust me

Where do I start?

There’s actually a group called Girls Gone Strong that focuses on female empowerment and support for women to get stronger and eating better. They have free books on exercises that requires you to hit the gym, or even exercises that you can do at home. My favorite Girls Gone Strong girl is Nia Shanks, she writes really simple and direct without any hullaballoo and her workout routines are easy to follow.


For items you can use at home, a good investment would be the TRX, Kettlebells, and a Pull-up Bar.

If you’re heading the gym, step away from the machines and go get that barbell! You’d look pretty bad ass too.

The 12-week Let’s Get Strong Challenge

I’d have to be honest with you guys that I also go yo-yo on being commited on working out. Common reason is when you’re too tired already to exercise or you’d rather do other things. But exercising is one of the few things we do for ourselves and not for others and we should dedicate even a few 30 minutes to an hour every couple of days to work out. So who’s with me? Let’s commit to stay fit and hit the gym (or work out at home) at least 3x a week. Most results would be evidently visible by 12 weeks if worked together with proper diet (planning to go paleo/primal) and exercise.  I’m sure the results would be awesome! Hopefully I would be posting more updates on fitness and lifestyle.

Did you also thought that lifting weights will make you look like a man? Have you ever lifted a barbell? How heavy can you lift? Let us know! Leave a comment below.


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