DIY: Petroleum Jelly for Itch and Dandruff

A few years back, I shared a blog post on the many uses of petroleum jelly. It’s a product staple that’s a must-have in your homes or a small jar in your purse. Recently, I also discovered that petroleum jelly also serves as an instant remedy for scalp itch and dandruff.  

There’s no explanation over the internet on how this sticky mineral works but I have a theory. The petroleum jelly acts as as a barrier between our scalp and the dandruff flakes. It also holds in moisture thus preventing itchiness. Oh, and the flakes will stick to the jelly LOL.

How to Use Petroleum Jelly for Dandruff

  1. Apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly on the scalp before going to bed.
  2. Upon waking up, shower as usual.
  3. After shampooing/conditioner, apply a small amount of petroleum jelly on your scalp. This will prevent flaking and the embarassment of seeing dandruff flakes on your shoulders
Do let me know if this remedy worked for you as it did myself and my friend 🙂

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