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Goodbye Hairfall :) Hello Healthy Shiny Hair

I had thin hair ever since I was a kid. I dunno, I was born that way. During my teen years, I always envied schoolmates of mine who has thick luscious hair, even if theirs was wavy or frizzy. I wanted thick hair. Mine, however, was straight, and flimsy. My problem grew when college years went by, the stress caused my hair to fall at  an even faster rate.. that I had to resort to had it curled to put more volume (argh damage)

It all ended when I started using Human Heart Nature’s Strengthening Shampoo and Mango Butter Conditioner (heaven sent I tell you). I  had the peppermint variant and it smells so divine! I use the shampoo as a body wash too on uber tired and lazy days to lift up my spirits 🙂

It was never a goal of mine to lessen my hairfall. I just wanted to “go natural” and avoid SLS (sodium lauryl sulfates) and other bad stuff in commercial shampoos.

But after a month of using this combo, I noticed that when I take a bath and finger comb my hair, I only lose a maximum of 2 hair strands per bath! When in the past, I lost around 20+ strands per bath, and I bathe 1-2x a day T_T talk about hair loss!

I am not connected nor even a reseller of this brand, but I’m absolutely in love with it! I highly recommend that you give their products a try and see for yourself.


  • Tracey

    college really does damage to us ._. i feel like my hair has been falling out crazy fast. i was always told i have a lot of hair but i think im feeling less and less that its scaring me. they say its normal to lose like 100 strands a day and i probably do but it just doesnt feel normal >_< i want to keep my hair. i am going to look into this stuff you recommended. thanks for sharing!

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