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My Salad Stop Review and Favorites!

salad stop
salad stop

I don’t like eating vegetables. How about you? I’m like the equivalent of a vegan-opposite until one fateful day in Salad Stop. This is NOT SPONSORED in any way. Well, I do eat my share of veggies occasionally. Let me enumerate the dishes palatable to my tastes:

  • Ginisang Munggo
  • Ginisang Ampalaya
  • Pinakbet (I only eat the kalabasa)
  • Caesar Salad
  • Cabbage with sesame seed mayo
  • Okay I’m trying to think of more but I couldn’t.. LOL

Maybe because my family didn’t get me used to eating them in the first place. Not so sure if this is a sign of aging but a few weeks ago my taste buds weren’t happy with eating meat anymore. They were craving something else. Something light, refreshing, crisp, fresh. My body was craving for a salad. Now I don’t like to eat just any salad. I want quality salad. Not just the extra in a restaurant’s menu just for them to say they serve salads. I want a salad specialty place. After searching in one of my favorite apps Zomato I stumbled upon Salad Stop.



They make your salad as you order! Food is presented through glass windows so you can see the cleanliness of everything. This is their Greenhills Missouri branch. I didn’t notice any flies or any foul smell inside. There was no line when I was there, they finished preparing my order within 10 minutes. Pretty impressive




It was my first time in Salad Stop and I was overwhelmed with the choices. You can even make your own salad and wrap. They’re thoughtful enough to provide you the calorie-count for those who are conscious. I’ve listed below some of their bestsellers:

  • Oh Crab La!
  • Iron Woman
  • Geisha
  • Hail Caesar
  • Cobb Salad
  • Tuna San!



I ordered the Geisha Wrap with extra miso dressing (250php)



They also have dessert choices like Chia Seed Pudding, Yogurt, and Muesli


Okay. I was starving during this time and I took bites (as in HALF) of my wrap before I took this photo. LOL Their servings are huge. One wrap is good for 2 people already (in my opinion, and i have a huge appetite btw). So on days you’re craving for something healthy. Salad Stop is the place to be baby! Ugh I wish they had a branch in LIPA BATANGAS

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