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Why I’m Obssesed with Skincare (and so should you) (2024)


If you’re going to scour my website, I have 1,766 blog posts related to skincare (Did you try to count?). That’s even more than my make-up related, fitness, and food posts combined. I am obsessed with skincare. Reviewed over a hundred products with both hits and misses. Find out why and also my tried and tested skincare favorites that I’ll be sharing with you today!

Why I’m Obssesed with Skincare

Contrary to popular belief. I am not blessed with an effortlessly flawless skin. It took a lot of trial and error to find which products work best for my skin type. I even experienced hormonal acne during high school.


kTiny, annoying and itchy pimples that really took a turn on my self-confidence. During my time, the “popular” girls would bully me and call me names. Even the shallow ones that judge people based on their skin color and condition. We are in a judgemental society that I think should change. But it will take time.

I wasn’t confident with myself, with how I saw myself in the mirror. At the beginning, I wanted to change so that I can accept me. But as I grew older, the change is for myself. I deserve to look beautiful and feel beautiful. Everyone does. Investing in good skincare doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands. There are a lot of available products in the market that everyone can afford.

For instance, a reliable spot treatment for acne can be a game-changer in managing breakouts without breaking the bank. Taking care of your skin is a worthwhile investment in your self-confidence and overall well-being.

One brand that I love is Gluta-C! Other skin products I’ve been trying out are ones such as Skinceuticals. If you’re looking to try it out, VCI has a good selection to choose from.


I’m even using their entire line as of this moment of writing. Gluta-C skincare products not only help brighten skin! They also help smoothen and nourish skin. Their lotion and face cream has SPF 25+ that’s good to protect our skin from the sun. Their toner has glutathione, vitamin C, and alcohol-free! It’s one of the more gentle whitening products I’ve tried. No sting! Their whitening soap also smells so gooooood and hasanti-bacterial properties to protect your skin and keep it fresher longer (haha parang food).

Why is Good Skincare Important?

skincare routine
skincare routine
  1. Learning about skincare helps you discover how your skin works & what it needs.
  2. Improving your skin will help your makeup look better.
  3. Skincare with SPF helps slow down early signs of skin aging.

My Favorite Gluta-C Products

If you’re curious what products to get from Gluta-C to get you started with an awesome skincare regimen. Here are my top picks!

gluta-c intense whitening products
gluta-c intense whitening products

As I mentioned earlier the Gluta-C Intensive Whitening Soap is one of my all-time favorite skin whitening soap because it does more than just lighten skin.

  • It’s gentle to the skin
  • It’s not drying
  • Gave my skin a “light from within” appearance
  • It did not give my any negative reactions like redness or pimples
  • Has a unisex scent (meaning it does not smell so girly floral that men can use this to whiten their skin with confidence!)
  • It has anti-bacterial properties that actualy keeps me smelling fresh the whole day. Iwas amoy pawis.

Same features apply for their whitening cream and lotion (with SPF 25!). Their toner is alcohol free to ensure a refreshing sting-free experience. I love how it makes my skin feel extra clean without the uncomfortable tightness.

gluta-c intensive whitening soap
gluta-c intensive whitening soap

I’m currently trying the  Gluta-C Whitening Deodorant (review soon!) because dark, chicken-skin clogged armpits has always been a problem of mine. So stay tuned for that. The key to success with most skin care products is continuity. Establishing a daily routine is important, especially with anti-aging or skin lightening. The results you want will take time. Be patient!

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