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Confession: Ayoko ng Magpaputi ATBP


I have to let this out of my chest. The cat’s out of the bag. Controversial as it sounds, yes. Ayoko ng magpaputi (Please read disclaimer at the bottom). I don’t aim to have paper-white skin anymore. I no longer take glutathione to lighten my skin, nor use skin whitening products to change my original skin color. l

My blog originally started back 2009 because I was vain, insecure, and impulsive. I was insecure with almost everything, having morena (tan) skin. Kept up with the trends and waste money on things I’ll just leave in the closet after using it once.  I spend on things just to have them because of the hype.

My Dark History


Pun intended. I was raised in a traditional colonial-minded family where being white was synonymous to perfection. They taught things backwards. Like, be submissive to men. Don’t talk back to adults even if you’re right.

Being dark was synonymous to being ugly. I was deemed the ugliest of our family because I was born with a tan complexion. I got my lola’s nose and cheekbones, my mom’s curvy hips, my great grandma’s slender arms, and my lolo’s charm. BUT all my cousins got the Spanish-blood complexion AKA Mestiza, the others were Chinita.

I am the sole morena. I grew up feeling ugly and insecure, that I was not good enough. Our country was raised to believe that those who have fairer skin are superior it’s about time for change!

From childhood til almost present-day I was taught all the types of negative connotations with having dark skin. I was bullied for having thick lips and tan skin. It’s only today that women are starting to embrace their own complexion.  Now, women are even injecting shit on their lips to make it pouty. As time went by, I learned to be independent and to love myself. It’s challenging to lead a life of your own when you’re raised to be sheltered with questionable values.

My blog generated a cult-following because of the series of reviews on glutathione and how my before and after photos showed that yes it works. I will never judge people who uses tanning products, or skin lightening products. I respect your own goals and I hope you respect mine. I wrote reviews with the intention of changing who I am because of what other people think.

However, as time went by, my visions and beliefs changed.

I no longer clamor for paper-white skin, having clear and radiant healthy skin is enough. I am proud of my thick lips, morena looks, and petite frame. I hope my blog can inspire you to love yourself and together we’ll be the best versions of ourselves. So um yeah, it took the rest of 2016 to make me realize that is beyond beauty.

Today, continue to join me as I share with you my life as a content creator, a working mom, a fitness junkie, a food enthusiast (aka glutton/matakaw), a proprietor of positivity despite being clinically diagnosed as bipolar. On top of that, we will tackle on extending the lives of beauty products, style, and culture beyond their short lifespan and making trends, timeless.

THANK YOU for supporting KIKAYSIKAT through all these 9 years and I look forward to growing old with you, my readers. I LOVE YOU! ^_^

Disclaimer: I may still feature skin brightening products. My intention of using so would be to achieve an even skin-tone rather than lightening it. I will still take supplements as an anti-oxidant or other help benefits. My goal is to provide you with sensible, trustworthy, and honest reviews. CREDITS TO DISNEY FOR THE MOANA PHOTO



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