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On Going Paleo in Manila and Lifting Heavy at Eclipse 24/7

10 years ago, I went to a series of sessions with a really good chiropractor at UN Avenue. I had a bad case of back pain and I went to his clinic to get relief. On our first checkup. He performed the usual snap and crack that chiropractors do (oh the relief!) and gave me some diet advice. He told me that the aches and pains won’t go away until I rid of myself of the following food:

“sugar, rice, sweets,wheat, cereals, pasta, pizza, processed food,beans,soy, preservatives, and such”

and to eat plenty of
“greens, meat, EGGS (he emphasized eggs), lean meat, grass fed beef, fish, seafood, PROTEIN (he emphasized this one), limit fruits and starchy vegetables”

This was 10 years ago. Did I follow his advice? No. I loved pizza and cake too much. Did my backpain go away? No it got worse, I also got unhealthier and skinny fatter btw Due to my stubbornness. I tried several other diets after then. Then I got into Intermittent Fasting; then I got into Strength Training.  See a little girl lifting big weights below. Haha! (oh and I hope to lift 2x my body weight in time) I just love training in Eclipse because there’s no waiting time to use the barbells and other equipment when I want to use it because there’s an ample number in their gym.


Just like you, and everyone else. We strive to be better.

My good friend Carl suggested I give the Paleo Diet a try. What’s Paleo Diet in a Nutshell? Here’s  a nice infographic:

What are the benefits of going in a Paleo Diet?


Credits to source written on the infographic

Here’s a nice paleo cheat sheet that you guys can print out so that you have something on your refrigerator, or at your office cube to remind you of what and what not to eat. But do remind yourselves that Paleo is not just a diet but a lifestyle. It includes lesser cardio, and more heavy lifting. Just like our ancestors did back in their day. That’s why their built was strong, lean, muscular, fit.

 This diet is really not for everyone, I’m giving it a go for 30 days if I can sustain it. I love pizza and cake too much. I read from Paleo Blueprint that we can aim for 100% Paleo but we shouldn’t be let down if we only achieved 80% paleo in our diet. Well some Paleo is better than no Paleo at all. There are a lot of sources on the internet on the Paleo diet, my favorites are , and

Would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂 <3


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